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NISHI-AWA Nishi-Awa Tourism Area

Nishi-Awa Tourism Association Sora-no-sato

995-1 Ikeda-cho Shima, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima

TEL +81-883-76-0713 (Japanese only)

FAX +81-883-72-0753


Miyoshi Tourist Guide Application
“Iya Valley Oboke Gorge”

Welcome to Miyoshi!
Miyoshi is a place of great natural beauty, with mountains of deep green, clear blue rivers, and clean, fresh air. It’s an ideal place for those who enjoy history and walking in the mountains.

This audio guide helps you to gain a fuller understanding of this beautiful and romantic region. It provides information about the geography, history, culture and activities to be enjoyed in the area. You can also learn about Miyoshi’s outstanding onsen hot springs.

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