Sake brewing and hirarayaki lunch (including sake tasting)

At Miyoshikiku Brewery, founded in 1896, you can take part in sake brewing. During sake brewing from November to April, you can help the brewers in the day’s work, such as carrying steamed rice, adding kōji to the rice, and stirring and pressing the mash. Miyoshikiku is a small brewery with few staff, and your assistance with the labor-intensive work is very welcome. You’ll learn the process of making sake and the secrets of fermentation. On days when there’s pressing, you can also sample amazing freshly-pressed sake. Participants receive a gift of sake.
After the sake brewing, you can try making and eating hirarayaki, a local specialty of Miyoshi. Sweetfish from the Yoshino River are cooked on a large flat stone called “hirara”, with vegetables, tofu, and konjac. An embankment of miso is formed around the stone to catch the rich stock from the ingredients, and the aroma of slightly burnt miso really whets your appetite. Here you make hirarayaki the easy way on a skillet, but the taste is the same. You can also enjoy a comparison of three very different kinds of Miyoshi sake, which perfectly complement the local cuisine.
Reservation RequiredLunch

Charge (including tax) 5,000 yen per adult
Start time (Meeting time) 8:30
Required duration 4 hours 30 minutes
Meeting place (Departure place) Miyoshikiku Brewery
Address 1661 Sarada, Ikedacho, Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture
Maximum number of participants 6 people
Minimum number of participants 2 people
Implementation period (Open) November to April
Exclusion dates (Closed) New Year, Tuesdays
Reservation deadline 7 days before departure date
Cancellation charge 0% up to 8 days before departure, 30% 7 to 2 days before, 50% 1 day before, 100% on the day or no show

Contact and Reservations

Operator: Sora no Sato
Phone: +81 883-87-8988
Fax:+81 883-72-0753

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