Explore historic Higashi Miyoshi by rental car

Reservation required

Visit the giant, thousand-year old camphor tree in Higashi Miyoshi, the rock shelters in Kamodanigawa where ancient Jomon people lived, and Mikamo Coffee where you can enjoy a geta-making workshop, to experience life in the mountains with a thousand-year history.


【Time required: 4 hours】


Awa-Kamo Station


Kamo Giant Camphor Tree


Mikamo Coffee


Kamodanigawa Rock Shelters


Izumino Village


Awa-Kamo Station


Time 8:00 to 16:00
Exceptions April 28 to May 6, August 12 to 16, Tuesdays
Price(excluding tax) \12,000/person
(For 2 people or more, \8,000 is added per person)
Included in the price Car rental, lunch, workshop
Items required International Driving Permit
Number of people 1 to 4 people
(1 or more adults)
Application deadline Four days in advance
Required at the time of reservation 1. Reservation date,
2. Name,
3. Number of people,
4. Contact information
Cancellation fee No charge up to 3 days before, 30% from 2 days to the day before, 50% on the day (upper limit of ¥5,000 including tax), 100% after time of departure or no-show.
*Percentage of sales price
Notes On the day, we will explain the notes on rental car use.

Contact and Reservations

Mikamo Corporation (Mail: westland@cream.plala.or.jp
Kamo 5562-1, Higashi Miyoshi, Tokushima, Japan

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