Explore Nagoro, the Village of Dolls, and make your own doll

Nagoro, famous as the Village of Dolls, is a mysterious place where life-sized dolls outnumber the real, live residents. Ayano Tsukimi, began creating the dolls to represent villagers who passed away or moved to the city. The dolls, also known as scarecrows, do farm work, stand around gossiping, and sit waiting for the bus. At the abandoned school, the dolls are having a community event in the gym. Some people find them creepy, others find them charming. They've become famous all over the world. Tsukimi, who is still making new dolls, shows you around the village, explaining how she makes them, and telling the stories behind some of the people represented. You'll enjoy her sense of humour.
After the tour, you visit the village hall which is full of more dolls, and sit down with Tsukimi to make a small doll of your own. There are two types to choose from, both of them cute. The work involves a bit of sewing, gluing, tying, and drawing, and you end up with your own unique doll to take home as a souvenir. This is a rare chance to meet someone who has pioneered their own special art form on the very outskirts of civilisation!
Reservation Required

Charge (including tax)

2,500 yen per adult
Start time (Meeting time) Enquire
Required duration 90 minutes
Meeting place (Departure place) Nagoro Village Public Hall
Address Higashi-Iya Nagoro, Miyoshi, Tokushima
Maximum number of participants 8 people
Minimum number of participants 2 people
Implementation period (Open) April to November
Exclusion dates (Closed) Obon, New Year holidays
Reservation deadline 7 days before departure date
Cancellation charge 0% up to 8 days before departure, 30% 7 to 2 days before, 50% 1 day before, 100% on the day or no show

Contact and Reservations

Operator: Sora no Sato
Phone: +81 883-87-8988
Fax:+81 883-72-0753
Email: sora@cn05.awaikeda.net

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