Guided Village Tour in Tsurugi

In this tour, you can feel the nature of Tsurugi Town and deepen your understanding of World Agricultural Heritage. First, you will visit Sarukai Village, which is built on a very steep slope in the Iya region, and requires special techniques and cultivars for agriculture.
Next, you will enjoy lunch at Komichaya, one of the few vegan restaurants in Tsurugi Town that uses local ingredients. Later, you will visit an agricultural blacksmith and study the process of making agricultural tools.


【Time required: 6 hours】


10:00 Yuyu-kan Sadamitsu Michi-no-Eki


10:30 Sarukai Village(World Agricultural Heritage)


12:00 Komichaya (Lunch)


13:30 Visit an agricultural blacksmith shop


15:00 Yuyu-kan Sadamitsu Michi-no-Eki

Charge (including tax)

12,000 yen per person * Excluded Tour Taxi Fee
Start time (Meeting time) 10:00
Required duration 6 hours (10:00-16:00)
Meeting place (Departure place) Yuyu-kan Sadamitsu Michi-no-Eki
Address 11-1 Sadamitsuoosuka, Mima Gun Tsurugi Cho, Tokushima Ken, 779-4100
Maximum number of participants 5 people
Minimum number of participants 3 people
Implementation period (Open) April - November
Exclusion dates (Closed) No scheduled holidays
Reservation deadline 7 days before departure date
Cancellation charge 0% up to 4 days before, 50% 1 day before, 100% on the day
Notes ※Please consult in advance if you have dietary restrictions.

Contact and Reservations

Operator: Sora no Sato
Phone: +81 883-87-8988
Fax:+81 883-72-0753

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