Travels in Iya, Alex Kerr’s “Secret Tour”

We have organized an exclusive tour with a local tour guide, designed by the scholar of Oriental Studies, Mr. Alex Kerr. Participants will learn about the history and traditional culture with the local tour guide in the “tour for experiencing the as-yet-unknown and novel charms of the Iya region.”
At the end of the tour, a special lunch called “Iya Nouvelle,” will be served, prepared exclusively for the visit.


【Time required: 5 hours】


9:00 Hotel Obokekyo


13:00 Iya Nouvelle


10:00 Higashi-Iya


11:00 Togenkyo


12:00 Tokuzen Residence

Charge (including tax)

15,000 yen per person *Excluded Fee Tour Taxi
Start time (Meeting time) 9:00
Required duration 5 hours (9:00-14:00)
Meeting place (Departure place) Hotel Obokekyo Mannaka
Address 1644-1 Nishiu, Yamashiro-Cho, Miyoshi-Shi, Tokushima 779-5451
Maximum number of participants 10 people
Minimum number of participants 5 people
Implementation period (Open) April - November
Exclusion dates (Closed) No scheduled holidays
Reservation deadline 7 days before departure date
Cancellation charge 0% up to 8 days before, 30% 7-2 days before, 50% 1 day before, 100% on the day or no show
Notes ※Please consult in advance if you have dietary restrictions.

Contact and Reservations

Operator: Sora no Sato
Phone: +81 883-87-8988
Fax:+81 883-72-0753

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