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Iya Vine Bridge

The Kazurabashi Vine Bridge stretches over a canyon in a secluded mountain village in Iya Valley. The bridge itself is tied to the legend of the Heike clan, once the most powerful ruling clan, who fled into these mountains from their enemies. This bridge was once the only way to cross over the deep canyons in this area, and was built with vines that are easy to cut in case of enemy pursuit. Nowadays, the bridge remains an important National and Prefectural significant folk cultural asset, and visitors come from all around Japan to test their courage and cross. The vines are safe and sturdy, and replaced once every three years.

The Kazurabashi bridge is made of kiwi vines (Actinidia arguta) and is 45 meters long, 2 meters wide. It weighs approx. 6 tons and is suspended 14 meters above the river.

* Light-up
Every night from 19:00 till 21:30, the bridge is lit up, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

* Biwa-no-Taki (Biwa Waterfall)
This nearby waterfall was a place of refuge for the ancient people, who would come here to comfort each other by playing their Biwa Flutes, and remembering the home in Kyoto they were driven from. The water falls from 50 meters and is a majestic sight.

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Address 徳島県三好市西祖谷山村善徳162-2
Access Ikawa-Ikeda IC→Route 32 (towards Kochi) →Prefectural Road 45→Prefectural Road 32→City Road→(Total journey: about 1 hour by car)
Shikoku Kotsu Bus (for Kazurabashi or Kubo) from JR Oboke Station→Kazurabashi Bus Stop or Kazurabashi Yume Butai Bus Stop→5 min. walk.
*For bus timetables, please contact Shikoku Kotsu K.K. (0883-72-1231).
TEL 0883-76-0877(三好市観光案内所 ※かずら橋から車で約1時間離れた場所にございます。)

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