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A thousand years,a hidden hamlet

Within the embrace of lofty mountains, time stands still.
Nishi-Awa is a pure land of unchanging patterns and human warmth.

Nishi-Awa comprises four administrative areas,
Mima, Miyoshi, Tsurugi, and Higashimiyoshi.

  • Climate

    The region from the Yoshino River to the Asan Mountains falls within the warm Seto Inland Sea climate, while the mountainous area around Mt. Tsurugi is classified as the Japan Sea climate, making it relatively cool and comfortable in summer.

  • Nature

    It’s an area of great natural beauty. Located in the northwestern part of Tokushima Prefecture, more than 80% of the area is occupied by the Asan Mountains in the north and the forests of the Shikoku Mountains in the south. The Yoshino River, also known as Shikoku Saburo, flows through the central area from west to east.

  • Culture

    In the Edo period, merchants flourished through tobacco, indigo and water transport on the Yoshino River and their houses can still be enjoyed. Meanwhile in the mountainous areas, farmers carved out villages on the valley sides, pursuing traditional farming methods that are practiced even today.

  • Food

    The steep slopes of the Iya Valley offer excellent drainage, ideal for growing potatoes and soba. Regional cooking features fish caught in the Yoshino River and Iya River. The region is also home to several excellent brands of sake.

About Nishi-Awa

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A bridge made of vines, and folk songs on the mountainside

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