Handling of Personal Information

On the website of Nishi-Awa, Mt. Tsurugi and The Yoshino River Tourism Zone (“the Site”), General Incorporated Association Sora-no-sato collect, use and handle your personal information in accordance with the policy set forth herein. The terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to General Incorporated Association Sora-no-sato.

"Personal Information" is information provided by users via the Site that may identify you as an individual, such as:
・Contact number
・Email address
We collect your personal information via the Site only if you choose to provide us with your personal information.
When we collect personal information, we clarify the purpose of collection and to the minimum extent required to be able to provide you with our services and/or to respond to your queries.
We do not collect any personal information associated with personal belief and religion that may lead to social discrimination.
We take appropriate security measure to help protect your personal information from disclosure, alteration and destruction. We delete all your personal information as soon as possible unless we need to retain it for the duration of any period necessary to establish, exercise, or defend any legal rights.

Linking Policy

You may link the Site to other websites without our prior permission. However, please let us know when you have linked the Site to other sites.
We reserve the right to disable links from any site that is illegal and/or against social order and morals.

Copyright Policy

Except in the cases allowed under the Copyright Act of Japan such as “reproduction for private use” and “quotations,” unauthorized copy, use and sale of all the contents on the Site including texts, photographs, illustrations and others are prohibited.


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