En route to Mt. Tsurugi: Recommended Spots along the Ikeda/Higashi Iya Route

Time Required / 2 hours

The roads can be narrow and curving and the journey long, so be sure to make some stops, such as the Iya Vine Bridge, to refresh and stretch your legs!


Departing Ikawa-Ikeda IC


Boke Mart

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

Here you can buy drinks, bread, cup noodles, snacks, etc you'll need on your climb.


Iya Vine Bridge

【Length of Stay:20 mins】

The Iya Vine Bridge is one of the three most mysterious bridges in Japan, and crossing it is truly a thrilling experience! Book tickets online for a special discount. (Check the following link.)


Ochiai Village Viewpoint

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

A beautiful viewpoint of Ochiai Village in the center of Higashi Iya.


ENEOS Higashi Iya SS Deguchi Gas Station

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

The last gas station on the route to Mt. Tsurugi. Be sure to fuel up!


Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge

【Length of Stay:15 mins】

About 800 years ago, these vine bridges were built by the Heike clan as a means to access their riding grounds at Mt. Tsurugi, where they trained. The bridges also connect to the Oku Iya campgrounds. These two bridges have been named "male" and "female" respectively, hence are sometimes referred to as the "wedded bridges."


Arrival at Mt. Tsurugi Minokoshi Parking Lot No. 1

Board the lift from here and enjoy your climb!


Mt. Tsurugi Lift

The lift takes about 15 mins, and once you arrive at the upper station, it's about an hour trek to the top! Good luck!