En route to Mt. Tsurugi: Recommended Spots along the Anabuki/Koyadaira Route

Time Required / 2 hrs 30 mins

Highlighting some useful stops on your way from Wakimachi IC to Mt. Tsurugi’s trailhead.

The roads can be narrow and curving and the journey long, so be sure to make some stops, such as the beautiful Anabuki River, to refresh and stretch your legs!


Departing from Wakimachi IC


Anabuki Submersible Bridge

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

View the beautiful Anabuki River and the surrounding mountainscapes near this submersible bridge.


Lovers' Pass, Lovers' Bridge

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

The legend of Lovers' Pass is that a pair of Heike nobles and lovers escaped into the mountains near Mt. Tsurugi, and the steep, treacherous pass forced them apart. The view of the Anabuki River valley from the Lovers’ Bridge is breathtaking.


Kanjo Waterfall

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

A tributary of the Anabuki River, this elegant waterfall features a 33-meter drop.


Koyadaira Tourism Station Reiwa

【Length of Stay:15 mins】

Stop for tourist information, meals, coffee shop, and sales of local products.


Kawakubo Oil Koyadaira SS

【Length of Stay:5 mins】

This is the last gas station on the Koyadaira route for climbing Mt. Tsurugi. It's right by the Village of Scarecrows! It's 23 km to the trailhead, but if you are worried about running out of gas, refuel here.


Arrival at Mt. Tsurugi Minokoshi Parking Lot No. 1

Board the lift from here and enjoy your climb!


Mt. Tsurugi Lift

The lift takes about 15 mins, and once you arrive at the upper station, it's about an hour trek to the top! Good luck!