Mt. Tsurugi & Oku-Iya Area

En route to Mt. Tsurugi: Recommended Stops

Time Required / 120 minutes

The journey up the narrow mountain roads can be taxing, so why not make some stops in nature and bask in the healing of the land? Here are several stops en route to the Mt. Tsurugi trailhead from Mima IC.


Mima IC


Takeoka Convenience Store

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

Buy drinks, snacks, etc, for your climb here.


Pure water from Bishamon waterfall

【Length of Stay:5 mins】

Stop by this mineral-rich spring to refuel your water on the way to Mt. Tsurugi. Nothing like refreshing with Mt. Tsurugi's pure waters!



【Length of Stay:10 mins】

The crystalline Sadamitsu River flows through the beautiful canyon of “Dogama” (土釜). The name means “earthen pot”. The powerful flow of the river wore the walls of this gorge smooth and rounded some parts out, making the scenery resemble a basin. And the canyon does look like a work of pottery, made of a rare pearly schist called “Awa Aoishi” (or Awa blue stone), one of Tokushima’s many natural attractions.


Narutaki Waterfall

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

Narutaki Waterfall in Tsurugi town flows from an 85 meter cliff--the longest waterfall in Tokushima! Feel its power and beauty up close, changing with each of the four seasons: fresh greenery, red and gold autumn leaves, and a chilly dusting of snow.


Idemitsu Ichiu Gas Station

【Length of Stay:5 mins】

The last gas station en route to Mt. Tsurugi. With about 27 km to the trailhead, if you're concerned about gas, be sure to fuel up here.


Tsurugi Town Hall Ichiu Branch

【Length of Stay:5 mins】

Clean public restrooms (western style) for a bathroom break.


Horse Chestnut Tree of Kuwahira

【Length of Stay:10 mins】

The largest horse chestnut tree in the prefecture. Looking up from below, it is very powerful and mysterious. Bask in its shade and the cool and admire the moss of the surrounding area.


Mt. Tsurugi Minokoshi No. 1 Parking Lot

The parking lot where the lift to Mt. Tsurugi is located. Enjoy your hike!