Photo Spots
Miyoshi City

Oboke-Iya Photo Course

Time Required / Duration: about 7 hours 30 minutes

This course will take you on a tour through the most beautiful photo spots in Oboke and Iya. Let’s get lots of social media-worthy shots!


Departure from Ikawa-Ikeda Interchange


Oboke Gorge Pleasure Cruise

【Length of Stay:1 hr】

The boat takes you down the Yoshino River through the steep valley of Oboke Koboke, one of the most scenic spots in western Japan--you can enjoy the changing seasons from the fresh greenery in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snowy cliffs in winter. Tickets are available at the front desk on the 1st floor of Restaurant Obokekyo Manaka. The boat ride takes about 30 minutes.



【Length of Stay:1 hr】

Lunch time at Cafe & Gibier, a popular burger restaurant in Oboke Iya!
The Game Meat Cheeseburger set is served with a 100% Iya gibier patty full of meaty goodness.
Enjoy your burger from the terrace seating; the valley views are surely Instagram-worthy!


Iya Vine Bridge

【Length of Stay:30 mins】

The Kazurabashi Vine Bridge stretches over a canyon in a secluded mountain village in Iya Valley. The bridge itself is tied to the legend of the Heike clan, once the most powerful ruling clan, who fled into these mountains from their enemies. This bridge was once the only way to cross over the deep canyons in this area, and was built with vines that are easy to cut in case of enemy pursuit. Nowadays, the bridge remains an important National and Prefectural significant folk cultural asset, and visitors come from all around Japan to test their courage and cross. The vines are safe and sturdy, and replaced once every three years.

The Kazurabashi bridge is made of kiwi vines and is 45 meters long, 2 meters wide. It weighs approx. 6 tons and is suspended 14 meters above the river.


Biwa Waterfall

【Length of Stay:20 mins】

Right beside the vine bridge, this waterfall was a place of refuge for the ancient people, who would come here to comfort each other by playing their Biwa Flutes and remembering the home in Kyoto they were driven from. The water streams down from 50 meters and is a majestic sight.


Kazurabashi Yume Butai

【Length of Stay:30 mins】

This tourist facility consists of a large souvenir shop packed with local gifts and specialties, an event space, museums, and a restaurant where a variety of meals are served, including the local claim to fame, Iya Soba noodles.


Hi no Ji Valley

【Length of Stay:15 mins】

One of the highest accessible points in Iya Valley, the sheer cliffs of this gorge were carved by generations of the Iya River's flow. This majestic valley is known as "Hi no Ji Valley" for its resemblance to the Japanese letter "hi". The valley spans 20 kilometers, offering views of brilliant fresh green in spring and a spread of fiery foliage in autumn. Experience a dizzying beauty as you gaze down at the emerald current of the Iya River, winding along the mountain curves.


The Statue of a Peeing Boy

【Length of Stay:15 mins】

As a symbol of innocent courage, a statue of a peeing boy was constructed at the edge of the nearby precipice, the most perilous spot in Iya Valley. In the old days, it's said the local children would stand on this cliff and urinate into the ravine to show their bravado.


Boke Mart

【Length of Stay:40 mins】

A supermarket in front of JR Oboke Station run by local ladies who will give you a warm welcome! Don't miss the famed Iya Tofu, a specialty of Iya Valley, and Boke-age, a giant deep-fried tofu!
They will surely attract attention when you bring them back as souvenirs!